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Sunday, October 3, 1999 7:15 PM

UPDATED - 10/3/99
Maddes Patches!!!

I updated this section with Maddes' new homepage URL and I have also included his patches in the "Files" area along with some new images that he recently emailed to me :) -sgt

Hello Darren!

We played some Classic Quake again including AllStar CTF 1.1 and the UKPak team maps. Recognized that the VISPatch on your homepage is for 0.91 beta, so I reVISed all the current maps. Now all maps are included in the VISPatches which are splitted in TW4, Xeno and Allstart. All VISPatches are attached (~1MB).


Home : Earth / Germany / Ruhr-Valley
E-Mail : contact formular
Homepage :

Here are Maddes' patches!!!


Saturday, November 21, 1998 7:30 PM

NEW - 11/21/98
Create Your Own VisPatch

Now you have the tools and the ability to patch your own maps even if you can't find the VisData files for them. The process is a bit complicated, but I wouldn't say it's all that hard to do. Anyway, these are the tools and processes that were used to create the VisPatch files found elsewhere on this website - so now you can make VisPatch files for others as well! :)

Create Your Own VisPatch

This section of the website is long overdue, and I appologize for the delays. I just wasn't looking forward to writing all of the "how to" info, but I think it is easy enough to follow along with. Thanx to everyone for being so patient, and for the reminders to get this section going - thanx Bosworth!!!.

Even though the main page isn't updated that often, I update the VisPatch Files section as patches are sent in to me. So don't freak if the main page isn't updated for long periods of time. Like this time. Heh... ironic as hell... exactly 7 months later - to the day, hour and minute. Weird. Anyway - ENJOY!!!



Tuesday, April 21, 1998 7:30 PM

New VisPatch Data Files

NEW - 4/21/98
Miscellaneous DM Patch #1

Patches these maps:
Haloh, Kndybase, Kndycity, Martim5, Trifor, and Vsdm2.

Head over to the Data Files page to get the VisPatch data for Miscellaneous DM Patch #1!!!


New VisPatch Data Files
J. "LEMONMaN" S. has sent along VisPatch data files that he has created very recently for Quake Rally (which took 11 hours to create) and Zerstörer. He also sends word that he is currently working on the PaintBall maps.

Head over to the Data Files page to get the VisPatch data files for Quake Rally and Zerstörer!

Thanx for all your hard work Jonathan!


WaterVIS Website
I have partially fixed the broken link problems for "Patch Maps", and "Common Errors" although I will try to get more detailed in the days and weeks to come. I have also created a "Coming Soon" web page for the "Create VisPatch" link. As soon as the pages are up to par I will gladly let you know.

Again, my appologies for all of the delays with getting the website up to 100%. My main focus for this website must be to make certain that you have full access to the VisPatch data files as soon as I am made aware of them. I have tried to be very efficient with all of the VisPatch data files I have received. Please be patient, things will continue to get better here.

Oh yeah, and thanx everyone for your support!!!



Wednesday, January 14, 1998 9:55 PM

OZ VisPatch Update
There was a problem reported by Keith Grubb concerning the OZ VisPatch.

After reading his report, I decided to investigate...

Most of the following is taken from my reply email message to Keith

After testing the original OZ.ZIP file I encountered the same problem:

Please enter your Quake directory (Default "c:\quake"): d:\quake
Do you wish to replace your existing maps (answering no will make backups)? y
No patch files (*.vis) found, or all patches were skipped.
Please download a patch file and rerun.

Upon closer examination I noticed that all of the files had DAT extensions instead of VIS.

VIS files are the files that are used by the installer to patch your maps. So, I renamed them all with VIS extensions.

Next problem... there were 75 VIS files. This in itself wasn't a problem, but the patch installer looks for a mating DAT file for each VIS file it encounters. In other words, if the installer locates ANONCA1.VIS, it requires ANONCA1.DAT as well so that the user can be prompted as to what they need to do. If it doesn't find it, it skips that patch and moves to the next.

So, the installer basically skipped all 75 patches one at a time.

I wasn't looking forward to creating 75 new DAT files and inserting descriptions for each individual file.

Besides, even if I had done this, the installer would have stopped 75 times (once at every patch it found) and asked the user to enter a directory. This would have been a very time-consuming process (and not very user-friendly either).

I needed to roll all of the VIS files into one huge VIS file... the only question was... how?

So, I contacted Andy Bay (VisPatch author) and he suggested copying (binary) all of the VIS files into a temporary file (which could later be renamed).

copy /b *.vis mydata.dat

Then I deleted all of the VIS files. Then I renamed mydata.dat to oz.vis. Next, I created a file called oz.dat and put a description inside of this file to prompt users appropriately.

The installer now finds only one VIS file which should patch all of the maps - on one condition though. The maps that it tries to patch must all be in the same folder. You don't have to have every map, they just all need to be in the same place. If they aren't, you can always re-run the installer and give it a new location the next time around... etc...

Now this is what I get when I run the installer on the OZ VisPatch:

Please enter your Quake directory (Default "c:\quake"): d:\quake
Do you wish to replace your existing maps (answering no will make backups)? y
Found: OZ patch
Please enter the subdirectory from your Quake directory where your OZ levels are located. If you do not have any OZ levels, or you do not wish to patch the OZ maps, simply press enter.
--> oztest
Press a key to begin the patching process (may take a few minutes).
Vis Patch v1.2 by Andy Bay (ABay@Teir.Com)
The pak/bsp directory is d:\quake\oztest\.
The Vis data source is OZ.VIS.
Vis Patch v1.2 by Andy Bay (ABay@Teir.Com)
The pak/bsp directory is d:\quake\oztest\maps\.
The Vis data source is OZ.VIS.

After reaching this point I decided to send a new version OZ.ZIP to Keith so he could test it for me...

Here are his results:

Hi again.

Seems all went well with the new patch you sent me. I only had about 25 of the maps on the list so I downloaded about 25 more and reran it and all were vised.

I did have some problems with three of the maps though. Sewers, Pyramids and Critters. The first two wouldn't even run and they caused a crash, and the third gave me a strange error Move_push something to a bsp body. I'm sorry I can't remember it all. The error hasn't come up anymore so I'm not worried about it.

Also I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to send me the patch.

Btw are there any patches out there for Bbelief or Zerstörer mods?

If you want to let it go to the public, I'd have to say its fine and to go for it.

Woohoo!!! It worked!!!

So, head over to the VisPatch Files page and download your copy of the new OZ VisPatch!!!

Thanx for reporting the problem Keith!!!

Oh yeah, and if anyone can help Keith and I out with VisPatch files for the Bbelief or Zerstörer mods, please let me know!!!


Monday, January 12, 1998 5:20 AM

Another Site Update
All of the VISPatch data files are now available from this server. The original VISPatch data files had previously only been available of the original Water VIS site. This should help geratly with downloads.

Other Info...
I have finished uploading all of the files required for people interesting in creating their own VISPatch files. As soon as I finish the instructions pages, you will be ready to go! I am hoping to have this ready by tonight or tomorrow at the latest.


Tuesday, January 6, 1998 10:30 PM

Site Update
My appologies for the delays in getting some of the pages for this site more current than they are.

I have fixed the VisPatch Files page, so now you should be able to download patches for DCDM, Killer Quake Pack and Prodigy Special Edition again.

I am currently writing pages on how to re-vis your own maps and create your own vispatch. I hope to have everything ready by this weekend.

Again, sorry for the delays!!!

Oh yeah... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Almost soundz corny now, doesn't it?



Thursday, December 25, 1997 7:40 PM

Merry Christmas!!!

VisPatch Source Code
Here are the corrected URL's for the VisPatch source code. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Direct from VisPatch author Andy Bay, comes the Unix source code and the original source code for VisPatch!!!

You may do with this as you wish as long as credit is given to the author, except making money by using this without written permission from (and probable compensation to) the author (Andy Bay).

Unix source code:
VisPatch source code:

Mega-Thanx again Andy!!! :))

New VisPatch Data Files!!!

VISPatch for various maps
Created by: Oliver "OZ" Zwerschke

The following maps were re'vised for transparent water by Oliver "OZ" Zwerschke from Wattenscheid/Germany. Most of them can be found at, some of them have special homepages, these are mentioned if I could remember them. To get into contact with "OZ" just email me via and I'll "forward" it to him.

Have fun
Matthias "Maddes" Buecher from Wattenscheid/Germany

Also, here is the updated text file (this file is now included in the new oz.txt


Tuesday, December 2, 1997 9:30 PM

New VisPatch Data Files!!!
There are some new goodies on the Water VIS site for you GLQuakerz! :)

VISPatch for All-Star CTF v0.91
Created by:

VISPatch for various TeamFortress maps
Created by:
Marlo "StoneCrusher" Hsu

"Here are two new TeamFortress patches with vis data. The first patch (TFpatch2) contains 3 maps which were not included in the original Fortress patch: 2Brave1, DZone1, and Mayan3. (I couldn't test if there is water in the Mayan3 level, due to the lack of the flag model). The second patch (Fortfest) contains 4 other TeamFortress maps which I missed for being very new: 2Fort5, 2Fort_SK, Bases, and Steal4D"
Marlo "StoneCrusher" Hsu

Thanx guys for sending in your visdata patches!!! You make the new Water VIS site work!!!

Go visit the VISPatch Files page now!!!


Sunday, November 23, 1997 11:40 PM

What's New?
Several people have contacted me about the new Water VIS site. Thanks everyone for your interest! I have been out most of the weekend and I am going through everything as quickly as I possibly can. For right now, allow me to post as much information as I can directly below. This site is being reconstructed and this page will basically be our "news" page. I should have everything in better order before Thanksgiving.

Also, we lost 730+ hits from the counter during the site update... :(

VisPatchSource Code!
Brand New!!!

Direct from VisPatch author Andy Bay, comes the Unix source code and the original source code for VisPatch!!!

You may do with this as you wish as long as credit is given to the author, except making money by using this without written permission from (and probable compensation to) the author (Andy Bay).

Unix source code:
VisPatch source code:

Mega-Thanx Andy!!! :)

More New Stuff!
What are people saying about the site?

"Hey dude, I was part of the original VisPatch team. I have a couple more patches on my web page. Feel free to link to them."- Jason "Shaitan" S.

Killer! Here's the link:Rewts GLskins and Visdata

"Hi, just writting to congratulate you on your page. It was about time that someone took this seriously. I also wanted to let you know that I've done an extensive tutorial on patching maps with VIS patch. I think it's quite informative for those that don't have a clue on how to do it. It's on my page (linked at the end of this letter) on the TWEAKS section. Cheers."
- Sergio "Bandit" Schmilovich

Here's the link: Bandit's GLQuake Fever

Many others have written in and I will be responding by email as time permits.

That's all for now..........


Welcome to the brand new Water VIS site!!!

Over the next several weeks I will be completely overhauling this site to get you the newest information on available vispatch files, as well as shed some light on how to make your own vispatch files!!!

I have also been developing a Windows '95 wizard application to assist in patching your existing maps or creating your own vispatch files.

Be patient for now everyone..... I am moving as fast as I possibly can.....

Darren Winter