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Quake Map Bugs

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Some workarounds were taken from other sites/people and are not always proved by myself.
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Quake Map Bugs

Bug / Suggestion first occurred in (cause) workaround or fixed in
"GL_LoadTexture: cache mismatch" map problem
Each time when E2M5 and DM4 are loaded in a quake session this error occurs, no matter in which order they are loaded or how many maps were loaded between them.
Reported by Ghettoblasta from Clan Jaegermeister
More error producing combinations are...
E4M6 and DM4
Mission Pack #1:
HIP2M1 and HIP2M4
HIP2M2 and HIP2M4
HIP2M6 and HIP2M4
HIP2M1 and HIP3M3
HIP2M3 and HIP3M3
Capture The Flag (Allstar CTF):
CTF2 and CTF6
CTF2 and CTF2M5
CTF2 and CTF2M7
Mission Pack #2 is o.k.
Malice is o.k.
Beyond Belief is o.k.
Zerstörer: Testament Of The Destroyer is o.k.
GLQuake[World] and different maps not yet
This error is raised because a map (here DM4) uses a texture with the same name like in another map (here E2M5 or E4M6), with a different size.
A handling for this by GLQuake would be great.
use BSP Texture Renamer, and make sure you read the part about QW's map checksumming in its readme
When two levels have a texture with the same names and sizes but different images, the second level is displayed with the wrong/previous texture.
An example can be seen here, where "comp1_1" of E1M1 was renamed to "city2_6". The modified E1M1 was loaded in GLQuake and then DM6
DM6 with a texture of E1M1 from the cache - click to view in full size
GLQuake[World] since first release(?) not yet
A handling for this by GLQuake[World] would be great
Garbage after EndOfString (first null byte) in texture names, although it is specified that all unused bytes have to be null bytes
In the most cases it starts at offset 13 and contains "3f 3f 3f 4b 40 00"
many maps reason:
Many current and early versions of WAD creating tools do not pad texture names with 0x00. Unfortunately QBSP copies the mip textures directly from the WAD files, although it has a "cleanupname" function in WRITEBSP.C.
This garbage gets into the BSP file and can cause problems with QW's mapchecksumming.
Renaming textures, like BSPTXREN does, should be done with care, as you can not recreate this garbage.
Unfortunately the whole texture name is used for mapchecking in QW (16 bytes = max. 15 chars + EOS) including the garbage.
solution for new maps:
TexMex can clean existing WADs, just load and save
QuArK does WADs right
TreeQBSP 1.63 cleans up texture names
a fixed QBSP is available for download
Many level editors assume that "info_teleport_destination" has to be 24 units above the ground. That's wrong, because the QuakeC code adds 27 to it's origin to let the player not get stuck in the floor. Level editors and "info_teleport_destination" not all
fixed in URQP 1.05 for QuakeED (incl. Stoneless, QERadiant)
solution for WorldCraft:
@PointClass base(PlayerClass, Targetname) size(-16 -16 0, 16 16 56) = info_teleport_destination : "Teleport destination" []
False, solid skies.
In some maps visible skies are handled like walls by the engine.
When you fire a rocket at those wrong skies, then it will explode when it touches the brush.
Reported by Jonathan "Perged" Down
nearly all id maps not yet, hopefully someone will create a tool which will set the flag accordingly in an existing bsp file.
texture names of skies must start with sky, so QBSP sets the CONTENTS_SKY flag of the face or brush(?).
this is caused by early versions of QBSP during the development phase of Quake.
If you start a QW client and connect to a server which is currently running JVX1 then the client crashes.
Reported by Pete "GanGrene" Rondeau
JVX1 and QW 2.30 not yet
I could only reproduce this when I started the client on the same machine as the server, all other clients in the lan did not crash. Btw it is not related to the missing "wad" attribute of the map, adding a "wad" attribute to JVX1 does not fix it.
It only happens when the client never loaded a map before, so connecting to another or the same server with another map helps. Even playing a demo works.
In HIPDM1 one monster is missing.
Reported by Necris
HIPDM1 Maybe a trap_spikemine is the cause, Necris informed Levelord about this bug.
Some architectural mistakes
E1M3 - click to view in full size DM3 - click to view in full size
Reported by Paul "PaK" Koehler
DM3 #2 - click to view in full size DM3 #3 - click to view in full size
E2M2 - click to view in full size E2M2 - click to view in full size
Reported by Ryan "Frika C" Smith
several maps not yet
Not all monsters of R1M4 can be killed in easy/normal skill.
Reported by Necris
R1M4 reason:
"monster_shambler" entity "t399" is spawned in all skill levels, but not the corresponding "trigger_once" and "trigger_teleport".
The shambler should be removed, like its triggers, to keep the difficulty of the skill levels (spawnflags 768).
Fishes are counted twice for total monsters, so you can get 100% kills QuakeC 1.06 Here's the solution, many addons (including my own URQP) have this fixed
In E1M8 an Ogre is reported to be in the wall. E1M8 reason:
This not a problem, he just spawns too close to the wall, but is not stuck.
In E2M3 a super nailgun is falling out of the level.
Reported by Raymond Martineau
E2M3 reason:
The problem is that id placed the weapon into the balcony.
Remove the super nailgun at "-1200 208 -112" to keep the weapon balance of the level.
A fix for E2M3 is available for download
In E1M4 deathmatch you can get stuck in the caves above the slime. E1M4 reason:
The problem is that id placed three triggers to open the caves, but when you spawn in the room directly above you can easily avoid them.
Add 2048 ("not in deathmatch") to the spawnflags of all triggers with target "t72" and to the the func_doors with targetname "t72".
An updated fix for E1M4 is available for download
Two spikemines are missing in HIP2M4 on hard/nightmare skill.
Reported by Carl "Lord Sméagol" Lloyd-Parker
HIP2M4 reason:
The spikemines are placed too close to the walls.
Move them a little bit more into the room.
A fix for HIP2M4 is available for download (provided by Carl himself)
In DM4 you can trigger the teleporter at the red armor without being teleported.
Read by Robert "Frog" Field on Duel Manifesto
A demo is available for download
DM4 reason:
The problem is that the "info_teleport_destination" in the cave is just too high, because many level editors assume that it has to be 24 units above the ground. That's wrong, because the QuakeC code adds 27 to it's origin to let the player not get stuck in the floor.
A fix for DM4 is available for download
Note that the teleport brushes are not flushed with the borders and the teleporter and its destination are not too close to each other, as assumed earlier.
Quake crashes on E4M5, when a player grapples, noclips or rocket/grenade-jumps to the top of the secret exit.
Reported by Robert "Frog" Field
A similar error occurs in the START map under the exit to the end level (by Robert Field too) and at top of the start gate in E4M8 (by Max Bartlett)
START, E4M5 and E4M8
Screenshots here
not yet
incorrect "trigger_teleport" entities have been overseen
Here's the QuakeC workaround to avoid similar crashes on any other map
In START change the trigger_teleport's (model *54) target from "t11" to "t8"
In E4M5 remove the trigger_teleport (model *95).
In E4M8 remove the trigger_teleport (model *75).
Fixes for START, E4M5 and E4M8 are available for download
Missing support for custom gravity custom maps added to URQP 1.05
Three spikemines are not teleported into HIP2M5
Reported by Carl "Lord Sméagol" Lloyd-Parker
HIP2M5 solution:
Typo. Change their targetname from "4500" to "3400".
A fix is available for download (provided by Carl himself)
A wraith is not teleported into R1M6
Reported by Carl "Lord Sméagol" Lloyd-Parker
R1M6 solution:
The wraith with the targetname "t77" is outside the teleporter brush, move it to "-2558 -2186 240" into the teleporter brush.
A fix is available for download (provided by Carl himself)
Random MOVETYPE_PUSH crashes and unwanted door sounds CRITTERS, TWCTF9, TWCTF2M9 reason:
func_door entities without a related brush (BSP model).
A fix is available for download.
Additional there's a fix for the engine which avoids unnecessary MOVETYPE_PUSH errors.
An Ogre is not teleported into E1M4 in normal and hard skill mode E1M4 solution:
Remove spawnflag "start open" (1) from "func_door" entity "t39" with the model "*33"
A fix is available for download
workaround by Raymond Martineau:
The Ogre gets teleported if you go to the blue key door and kill the monsters in front of it before you go into the underwater building to get the blue key.
In E2M6 the barrier and rune are also available in deathmatch, plus there is no way back to the top for a player who used the elevator to the exit E2M6 partial solution:
Add "not in deathmatch" (2048) to the spawnflags of the "item_sigil" entity and the func_doors "t87" and "t17"
The partial fix is available for download
Not all monsters of E2M4 are teleported into the level in normal and hard skill mode
Reported by the Quake Done Quick Team
E2M4 reason:
"trigger_relay" entity "t58" has no target, it should target trigger_relay "t66", which then triggers the teleports
A fix is available for download
In E4M3 the message and window trigger in the start room are also available in deathmatch E4M3 solution:
Add "not in deathmatch" (2048) to the spawnflags of the trigger_multiple (model *110) and trigger_once (model *105), also give a wait of "2" to the trigger_multiple to reduce the annoying sound of the message.
A fix is available for download
Not all monsters of E4M3 can be killed in easy skill
Reported by the Quake Done Quick Team
E4M3 reason:
"monster_demon1" entity "t190" is spawned in easy skill, but not the corresponding "trigger_teleport".
As there are already two zombies at the teleporter on the graveyard, the fiend should be removed (spawnflags 257).
A fix is available for download
The END map can be exited in SinglePlayer/Coop without killing Shub and the game continues with the start map
Reported by the Quake Done Quick Team
END reason:
The "trigger_changelevel" entity was intended for deathmatch only, but the corresponding spawnflag (1792) was not set.
A fix is available for download
On the END map, the trapshooter at the end of the long straight walkway, shoots into the wall, instead along the walkway END reason:
"trap_spikeshooter" entity "t62" stucks in a solid brush, just move it outside (y coordinate 2166).
A fix is available for download
On some older maps "item_weapon" is used to place ammo. This old entity shouldn't be used and it does not use the regular spawning functions for the different ammo, so changes to the ammo spawning functions are unrecognized.
This is why some patches do not work correctly with those maps.
Reported by Daniel "Athos Kryn" Olsen
This is why nails are sometimes called "spikes".
Reported by Greg Lewis
E2M2, E3M7, DM5, DM6
with QuakeC 1.06
fixed in URQP 1.04a (solution by Athos himself)

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