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Quake Bugs not researched yet

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You can find the most recent version of this list on Quake Info Pool.
Some workarounds were taken from other sites/people and are not always proved by myself.
If you are interested in QuakeC and/or the Quake sources (Quake utils and engine), then please visit the Quake Standards Group and join the Quake Sourcecode Mailing List.

Currently not researched Quake bugs

Bug / Suggestion first occurred in (cause) workaround or fixed in
Under Windows 2000 clients can not connect after the server has run for some minutes.
Reported by TechForce
all Quake and QuakeWorld executables not yet
Win2K closes Quake server ports after 4 to 5 minutes of inactivity.
possible help from some FAQ pages:
How do I configure LAN autodisconnect?
How can I configure the LAN autodisconnect?
How can I turn off/on connection ghosting?
How can I check to see which TCP ports are in use?
GLQuake can not load pointfiles
Found in a post from Bal on the QBoard (General Abuse #9551)
Leakfiles / GLQuake not yet
Reasons for "bad surface extent":
Ryan "Frika C" Smith: I suspect it's an error actually with how QBSP built the level. I have received the error when compiling a map with a very, very large texture I ported from Dark Forces, it was 512 tall. That's just a guess, from a rough survey of the code and from what I know about how QBSP handles faces.
I also found the following on ChopShop about textures: Remember, the image must be divisible by 16 and can't be any larger than 320x192. This is the size of the largest textures id used (textures: "Jesus" muh_bad, lgmetal, lgmetal2, lgmetal3, lgmetal4).
Maybe the maximum is 320x320, or maybe just the width is limited or only the height?
LIGHT not yet
"Right in the beginning on E4M7 some Zombies start spawning after you kill the ones in the water. If you stay under water as you kill them, the new ones will spawn above you, and fall down into the water. However, if you kill the ones already there under water, and get back up on the ground level, the Zombies will spawn in the ceiling, and just hang there."
Reported by Alexander "Prodigy" Møller
Demo is available for download (
E4M7 I couldn't reproduce this, but Prodigy told me he was using GLQuake 0.97 and id's regular Quake.
In QuakeWorld CTF you can "fly" by grappling your own bounding box.
Reported by Michael "Majic" da Kota from Holland
Demo is available for download (
QW 2.30 and CTF I couldn't reproduce this, but Majic said it is, maybe I just need more details.
Leakfiles 0 length and leak position is incorrectly reported.
Taken from WQBSP readme, originally encountered by Yahn Bernier, author of the level editor BSP.
QBSP in WQBSP, hopefully in TreeQBSP too.
If you have any information, please mail me (as always :)
"QuakeWorld with 300 fps ?
You are running QW at 72 fps, because that's the limit, but you have a mega-fast computer and play often on a LAN?
Then try this: start [GL]QWCL as normal and type "timedemo xxx" (or any other demo you do not have), then connect to a server as usual and the limit is gone. This way lower pings are possible, especially on a LAN."

Reported on the German news page "Der Quaker"
??? not yet?
In QuakeWorld 2.40 you can nomore connect to the client machine (localhost = or your defined IP address), to prevent use of client bots. Unfortunately playing and using non-cheating proxies on a single machine are impossible too.
QuakeWorld 2.40
(still to be released)
hopefully will never be, otherwise I always have to build a 3-computer LAN to check out QW bugs and I only own 2 computers :(
"I play Team fortress.. The problem comes when people join servers simultaneously when one is using a regular dm config, which has skin defined as some skin thats not a tf skin.. like skin "blah". the quakeworld client then tries to get the skin off the server.. unfortunately, by the time the skin is downloaded, the person who joined with the non tf skin has already joined a team and been assigned a new skin "tf_sold" or whatever, and quake freezes, and a reboot is neccessary to continue play."
Reported by Jeff Shannon
QuakeWorld 2.30 not yet
it's hardly reproducable on my LAN
use noskins 2 to avoid downloading skins
"I've discovered a strange bug in QW while recording demos. This is what I do to accomplish the 'bug'.

1. Connect to a QW server.
2. Start a recording.
3. Change map on the server. (still while recording)
4. wait a while then stop the recording.

Then, when I playback this demo, just after the demo switches maps then my qwcl crashes giving me this message "Demo message > MSG_MAXLEN" and exits.

I've only tried this with 2.30 and from what I can recall it did work before with earlier version, I'm not sure though.
Also, I've asked 2 other people to go through this procedeure and create a crashing demo. The funny thing is that one of them got the crash but it worked fine for the other one. It might just be happening with certain types of computers but that sounds very strange. I hope at least you can recreate the bug so people get to know of it :) It's quite irritating for me since it's supposed to work."

Reported by "[THC] Starlight"
Demos are available for download
QuakeWorld v2.30 not yet
As you do not slide when on a player/box (entity) in QW, this can cause problems with some monster functions when creating a QW SinglePlayer version (e.g. fiend on top of player).
In respect to Kryten's QW version of FlatEarth and Coop World.
QuakeWorld not yet
a new flag FL_ONENTITY like FL_ONGROUND or something similar

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