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Quake Wishes & Suggestions

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Some workarounds were taken from other sites/people and are not always proved by myself.
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Wishes for a new Quake Port

Wish done in
Memory for aliases handled dynamically not yet
The tell command shouldn't need a player's name to work as fun names are nearly impossible to type.
Reported by David Gerhart Jr.
use with a player's number instead of his name
possibilty to use inner quotes in bindings.
bind x "impulse 1; bind x "impulse 2; echo shotgun;"; echo axe"
use a double quote ("") for inner quotes)
console history function a la DOSKEY in dedicated server like in client not yet
dynamical memory allocation through the game, eg. for entities (currently 600), greater progs.dat, etc.
Wished by many people
some new startup parameters would be a good temporary solution, until everything is done dynamically
combo version of Quake and QuakeWorld, including noaim, skin support, serverinfo, spectator/chase mode, 32 clients, prediction, frag logging, DEM/QWD support, etc. not yet
reading textfiles in QuakeC (for MOTD, skin names, etc.) not yet
transparent water in software a la Quake 2 not yet
skin support like in QW plus possibility of addon defined event skins suggestion:
new WriteByte function for event skins, to keep compatibility with old addons
string manipulation
Wished by Daniel "Athos" Olsen
WriteString() with no automatic 0-byte termination.
Allows cool stuff like centerprints with multiple variables and not having to build the strings byte by byte with WriteByte. The standard WriteString terminates the string with a 0 byte automatically, not allowing you to append stuff to the expected string.
Wished by Ryan "Frika C" Smith
not yet
centerprint function should work like bprint and sprint functions
Wished by Daniel "Athos" Olsen
Here's a workaround by Yun Zheng "Zhenga" Hu and a additional workaround by Dirk "VoodooBug" Gerrits
multiple skins on player's view weapon model
Wished by Daniel "Athos" Olsen
new WriteByte, to keep compatibility with old addons, or ".weaponskin"
180 degree turnaround not yet
support for multihomed computers not yet
QuakeWorld supports this or you have to specify which ip address Quake should use with the -ip <address> parameter. Use Windows' WinIPCfg to determine your current ip addresses.
combination of dynamic lightning with light balls through gl_flashblend (e.g. 0.5 or 2)
Wished by Philip "Kryten" Martin
not yet
possibility for coloured lightning
Wished by Philip "Kryten" Martin
not yet
use of entities colormap
possibility to set clear color in use with gl_clear (e.g. gl_clearcolor <rrggbb>), to avoid holes caused through missing r_waterwarp
Wished by Dennis Castle
not yet
ingame gamma/brightness correction for OpenGL a la Quake 2
Wished by John "TheoryZ" (lost last name and email address, sorry)
not yet
Possibilty to enter an IP address in Multiplayer in QW menu similar to normal Quake, maybe even an address book a la Quake 2 not yet
serverinfo minfov and maxfov not yet
QW listen server not yet
Integrated bot AI functions accessable from QuakeC not yet
Support for more than 256 sounds in the game.
Wished by Daniel Pierce
"All sounds in the game are put in a pre-cache list that only uses a byte as an index. Also, all sounds referenced over the net use that same one byte index. As todays processors are a lot faster, net speeds faster(?), Quake could easily go to 2 byte (64k) indexed sounds. Those of us who still make levels would love to be as creative with the sound as we are with the textures."
not yet
Signed integer variables not yet
Support for binding custom impulses through the menu (similar to Half-Life) not yet
definition file for all impulses or delta to standard impulses
Support for more than 256 impulses not yet
Possibility to stop VIS and resume processing later.
Wished by Gonzo
not yet
Stack for local vars in functions, useful for recursion, see t_radiusdamage bug not yet
Support for a Q2 style maps.lst
Wished by Ryan "Frika C" Smith
not yet
Native (or via QuakeC through some file I/O commands) support for the Logging Standard
Wished by Ryan "Frika C" Smith
not yet
Progress indication when displaying the "Loading" banner (Hexen 2 has it)
Wished by Ryan "Frika C" Smith
not yet
QuakeC commands to read client cvar
Wished by Ryan "Frika C" Smith
not yet
Terminal displays
Similar to Sin's terminals.
Wished by Loren Petrich
not yet
These could be implemented as a map entity which reads the text and pictures from data files, for example.
Support for 16/24bit textures
Wished by Loren Petrich
not yet
External data (tga/jpg) like Quake 3 shaders (render script).
Internal data (8bit paletted MIP) will keep backward compatibility.
Unfortunately this would result in bigger downloads, but external data could be provided as an level addon.
Bump map support
Support for alternative model types (e.g. MD3)
Wished by Loren Petrich
not yet
real constants in QCC (no memory usage) real constants are currently not possible, a pr_global is always needed.
MEQCC provides compiler directives which can reduce pr_globals if used wisely.
Frika C wants to develop his own FrikQCC which will be able to optimze pr_global usage automatically.
cvarlist and cmdlist console command a la Quake 2 added to the released sourcecode here
End frame function added to the released sourcecode here
Here's the solution for the Quake engine
multiple "-game" parameter to extend the path like "-hipnotic"/"-rogue"
(prove it with the path console command)
fixed for the released sourcecode here

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